Participant Observations

Participant Observations

Development of an information security governance framework does not automatically guarantee that it can be successfully applied within the context


of general practice. Successful application will necessitate that the framework should be validated and verified by effective implementation and testing within general practices. Additionally, the application and validation of the framework will need to be repeatable in different types of general practices to be able to infer that it is a useful tool for general practice. Application of the proposed framework will confirm if the framework will be a holistic, practical and useful approach for use within general practice. Implementing and testing of the proposed information security governance framework will determine if the framework successfully evaluates information security governance within a general practice context. The validation and verification process will determine if the proposed framework has been successfully applied.

The second stage of this research will involve as many iterations of the action research cycle as required to successfully apply the framework within general practices.

The participants
Staff from twelve or more general medical practices in Western Australia, will be recruited to participate in three, two hour governance review meetings that will take place over a period of a year. Practices, and staff, will volunterily participate in this research. Staff from all professions within the practice will be invited to participate. They may be reception staff, the practice manager, ICT staff or medical staff. A minimum of three staff per practice will need to be recruited for Stage 2 of the research.

Participants will be adults between the the ages of 18 and 70. Participants and general practices will be free to withdraw from the research at any time. More practices than need to saturate the theory will be recruited, that is twelve or more practices, to account for participants who wish to withdraw from this research. The research aims at a minimum to track four practices over a year through the three governance review meeting process.

Should you wish to participate in this stage of the research, please Contact Rachel