This Website
The purpose of this website is to make research related documents publicly available in order to encourage review and comment.

Currently (6 August 2012), the ISG Guidelines are being reviewed by information security practitioners utilising focus groups. Once complete, the findings


and current version of the framework will be made available via this website.

The researcher is Rachel J Mahncke. I have a B.Sc (Software Engineering) and a research honours degree from Edit Cowan University (ECU) in Perth, Western Australia.

The primary supervisor for this project is Dr Trish Williams. See the ECU eHealth Research Group

An up-to-date list of related publications by can be found at Publications
The author wishes to acknowledge the contributions of Dr Trish Williams and Associate Professor Donald McDermid to this research project.

Work Experience
I am currently employed by Navitas - PIBT, as an ICT lecturer and course coordinator (0.6 FTE).

Should you require assistance with:
- Information security policy development;
- Implementation of the information security governance guidelines;
- Delivery of security awareness training;
- or tailored security awareness training course development.
I am available on contract.

Please contact me by email or by completing the Contact form.

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